L'anza was introduced to the beauty industry as one of the first professional haircare brands specifically designed to address individual hair needs. Using the proprietary Keratin Bond System, they were able to target the causes of hair damage, not just the symptoms. L’anza built upon this tradition of keratin, incorporating the latest in haircare ingredient technology, as well as wild-crafted and sustainable planted-based ingredients, creating the Keratin Healing System (KHS). With the power of Keratin Amino Acids, Healing Actives, and Triple UV Protection (UVA, UVB, UVC), Nano Science 10² delivery system, sulfate-free and sodium chloride-free Shampoos, KHS has become the foundation for all of their products.

L’anza took the innovative technology from Healing Haircare to establish a new level of service – Healing Color. L'anza's Healing Color provides the longest-lasting hair color possible. The proprietary Color Attachment Technology contains the Keratin Healing System and Flower Shield Complex, and delivers rich, vibrant color.


From haircare products to the premium color line, L'anza heals, seals, and protects hair around the world. They utilize the latest technology available to keep the products performing ahead of the rest. While many haircare lines claim they repair the hair, L’anza is the only brand able to heal the hair, delivering maximum shine and color that lasts. L’anza maintains a green commitment by ensuring that all of our products and actions support a healthy and sustainable Earth.

Bio Ionic develops luxury hair tools for professionals worldwide. The company was founded in 1997 by world renowned hair stylist and industry icon, Fernando Romero. Fernando discovered the science and power of harnessing natural negative ions while traveling in Japan. This exploration and discovery led him to develop Bio Ionic’s NanoIonic Mineral Technology. Each of Bio Ionic’s tools is infused with a blend of NanoIonic Minerals to hydrate hair from the inside out by emitting natural negative ions that drive water molecules deep into the cuticle, leaving hair healthy and hydrated.

Hot tools start at only $90 and brushes start at $18!